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Insurance is a wide practice area covering a range of insurance policies, industry sectors, and areas of legal expertise.

Specialist insurance lawyers typically act on behalf of insurers in the investigation and defence of claims made against parties who hold insurance policies, and/or in providing related coverage advice as to whether the relevant insurance policy (or policies, in the case of dual insurance) responds to those claims.

Where coverage advice is required, some insurers prefer to split the role of ‘defence’ and ‘coverage’ counsel, while others will engage lawyers to perform a dual role. In the event of a coverage dispute (and therefore a conflict of interests) between the insurer and insured, separate representation is required to ensure a timely identification of the relevant issues and resolution of the dispute.


Delivering cost-effective, pragmatic and commercially astute advice, we understand our clients’ focus on risk management strategies including monitoring of claims costs, pricing, alternative dispute resolution, and the need for accurate reserving, regulatory and prudential governance.

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